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MySQL Batch Query Connector

This connector captures data from MySQL into Flow collections by periodically executing queries and translating the results into JSON documents.

We recommend using our MySQL CDC Connector instead where possible. Using CDC provides lower latency data capture, delete and update events, and usually has a smaller impact on the source database.

However there are some circumstances where this might not be feasible. Perhaps you need to capture from a managed MySQL instance which doesn't support logical replication. Or perhaps you need to capture the contents of a view or the result of an ad-hoc query. That's the sort of situation this connector is intended for.

The number one caveat you need to be aware of when using this connector is that it will periodically execute its update query over and over. The default polling interval is set to 24 hours to minimize the impact of this behavior, but even then it could mean a lot of duplicated data being processed depending on the size of your tables.

If the dataset has a natural cursor which could be used to identify only new or updated rows, this should be specified by editing the Cursor property of the binding. Common examples of suitable cursors include:

  • Update timestamps, which are usually the best choice if available since they can be used to identify all changed rows, not just updates.
  • Creation timestamps, which can be used to identify newly added rows in append-only datasets but can't be used to identify updates.
  • Serially increasing IDs can also be used to identify newly added rows.