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MySQL HeatWave

This connector lets you materialize data from your Flow collections directly into Oracle MySQL HeatWave instances. provides the latest connector image. For earlier versions, please follow the link in your browser.


To use this materialization connector, you’ll need the following:

  • A MySQL HeatWave database and the appropriate user credentials.
  • At least one Flow collection.


Select one or more of your Flow collections to start using this connector. The configuration properties below will help you to materialize your collections into tables in MySQL HeatWave.



/addressAddressHost and port of the database. If only the host is specified, the port will default to 3306.stringRequired
/databaseDatabaseName of the logical database to send data to.stringRequired
/userUserUsername for authentication.stringRequired
/passwordPasswordPassword for authentication.stringRequired
/timezoneTimezoneTimezone to use when materializing datetime columns. Should normally be left blank to use the database's 'time_zone' system variable. Only required if the 'time_zone' system variable cannot be read.string

Advanced: SSL Mode

Configuring the SSL mode strengthens security when transferring data to Oracle MySQL HeatWave. Here are the possible values for SSL mode:

  • disabled: Establishes an unencrypted connection with the server.
  • preferred: Initiates the SSL connection only if prompted by the server.
  • required: Establishes an SSL connection but doesn’t verify the server’s certificate.
  • verify_ca: Connects via SSL connection and verifies the server’s certificate against the provided SSL Server CA, without validating the server's hostname. SSL Server CA is mandatory for this mode.
  • verify_identity: Ensures an SSL connection, and verifies both the server's certificate and hostname. This is the highest level of security. SSL Server CA is required for this mode.


/tableTableThe name of the table to send data to.stringRequired


database: flow
address: localhost:5432
password: secret
user: flow
- resource:
table: ${TABLE_NAME}

MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This connector supports cloud-based MySQL HeatWave instances hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

SSH Tunneling (Required)

You are also required to configure SSH tunneling by providing the following:

  • SSH Endpoint: Enter the endpoint of the remote SSH server that supports tunneling (formatted as ssh://user@hostname[:port]).
  • SSH Private Key: Input the full RSA Private Key for SSH connection.