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Amazon DynamoDB

This connector materializes Flow collections into tables in an Amazon DynamoDB.

It is available for use in the Flow web application. For local development or open-source workflows, provides the latest version of the connector as a Docker image. You can also follow the link in your browser to see past image versions.


To use this connector, you'll need:

  • An IAM user with the following permissions:

    • BatchGetItem on all resources
    • BatchWriteItem on all resources
    • CreateTable on all resources

    These permissions should be specified with the dynamodb: prefix in an IAM policy document. For more details and examples, see Using identity-based policies with Amazon DynamoDB in the Amazon docs.

  • The AWS access key and secret access key for the user. See the AWS blog for help finding these credentials.

Collection Requirements

Materialized collections can have at most 2 collection keys.

By default, the materialized tables will include the collection keys as the DynamoDB partition key and sort key, and the root document. The root document is materialized as "flow_document" unless an alternate projection is configured for the source collection. Additional fields may be included, but DynamoDB has a 400KB size limit on an individual row so selecting too many fields of a collection with large documents will cause errors if the row size exceeds that.

The root document is materialized as a DynamoDB Map type, and the fields of the document must be valid DynamoDB Map keys.

To resolve issues with collections with more than 2 keys, excessively large documents, or incompatible field names, use a derivation to derive a new collection and materialize that collection instead.


You configure connectors either in the Flow web app, or by directly editing the catalog specification file. See connectors to learn more about using connectors. The values and specification sample below provide configuration details specific to the DynamoDB materialization connector.



/awsAccessKeyIdAccess Key IDAWS Access Key ID for materializing to DynamoDB.stringRequired
/awsSecretAccessKeySecret Access KeyAWS Secret Access Key for materializing to DynamoDB.stringRequired
/regionAWS RegionRegion of the materialized tables.stringRequired
advanced/endpointAWS EndpointThe AWS endpoint URI to connect to. Use if you're materializing to a compatible API that isn't provided by AWS.string


/tableTable NameThe name of the table to be materialized to.stringRequired
/delta_updatesDelta UpdateShould updates to this table be done via delta updates. Default is false.booleanfalse


awsAccessKeyId: "example-aws-access-key-id"
awsSecretAccessKey: "example-aws-secret-access-key"
region: "us-east-1"
- resource:
table: ${TABLE_NAME}