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This connector materializes Flow collections into tables in a MotherDuck database.

The connector uses your AWS account to materialize to MotherDuck tables by way of files in an S3 bucket. The files in the bucket as as a temporary staging area for data storage and retrieval. provides the latest connector image. You can also follow the link in your browser to see past image versions.


To use this connector, you'll need:

  • A MotherDuck account and Service Token.
  • An S3 bucket for staging temporary files. See this guide for instructions on setting up a new S3 bucket.
  • An AWS root or IAM user with read and write access to the S3 bucket. For this user, you'll need the access key and secret access key. See the AWS blog for help finding these credentials.


Use the below properties to configure MotherDuck materialization, which will direct one or more of your Flow collections to your desired tables in the database.



/tokenMotherDuck Service TokenService token for authenticating with MotherDuck.stringRequired
/databaseDatabaseThe database to materialize to.stringRequired
/schemaDatabase SchemaDatabase schema for bound collection tables (unless overridden within the binding resource configuration) as well as associated materialization metadata tables.stringRequired
/bucketS3 Staging BucketName of the S3 bucket to use for staging data loads.stringRequired
/awsAccessKeyIdAccess Key IDAWS Access Key ID for reading and writing data to the S3 staging bucket.stringRequired
/awsSecretAccessKeySecret Access KeyAWS Secret Access Key for reading and writing data to the S3 staging bucket.stringRequired
/bucketPathBucket PathA prefix that will be used to store objects in S3.string


/tableTableName of the database table.stringRequired
/delta_updatesDelta UpdateShould updates to this table be done via delta updates. Currently this connector only supports delta updates.booleantrue
/schemaAlternative SchemaAlternative schema for this table (optional).string


image: ""
token: <motherduck_service_token>
database: my_db
schema: main
bucket: my_bucket
awsAccessKeyId: <access_key_id>
awsSecretAccessKey: <secret_access_key>
- resource:
table: ${TABLE_NAME}

Delta updates

This connector currently supports only delta updates. Future support for standard updates is planned.